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Swords of Calengal is an action rpg that takes inspiration from the old glories of 16-bit era and take advantage of the new technologies to make it's mechanics deeper, more accurate and smoother. The game is built with an "hardcore" mentality of "do it yourself" work. It runs on a custom engine called XeEngine and all the graphics are made in the traditional way of drawing every single frame. The game includes a solid fighting system and a huge exploration component, a crafting system, puzzles and other stunts for making the experience as various as possible. The storyline is solid, adult and absolutely not granted. The game already has is complete original soundtrack inspired to the old classics of that genre. The possible audience goes to young curious adolescent to a more grown nostalgic public.


Calengal, Year 1302. During an harsh winter some mills were taken down, probably due to snowstorms or Creatures that are slowly becoming more hostiles. The Guild of Destiny then sent his 11° division for mills restoration, led by captain Lehior Kharlian. Their last stop was Droumir's village, where the mission's checks would be completed. But during their last task someone has stopped them. An unknown hunter, hidden by his hood, is now able to control the Creatures, a power that was told only from Calengal's fables. Lehior's team was forced to retreat to the nearest refuge, to plan a strategy for the unexpected threat.


  • Stunning graphics and fluid animations.
  • Live and immersives environments with 3D physics.
  • Compelling story with a powerful soundtrack.
  • Sound effects created by experienced sound designers and recorded in live.
  • Crafting system and high customization of character's build.
  • Multiple ways to play the game and additional post-game modes.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Swords of Calengal wins as the best game of Modena Nerd." Modena(Italy), 2017
  • "Swords of Calengal wins as the best technical game of Svilupparty 2017." Bologna(Italy), 2017

Selected Articles

  • "The 15 minutes stolen from United Lines Studio? Insane! We want theme in podcast."
    - Luca Mazzocco, ILoveVideogames.it
  • "The result is a powerful ost that reminds us to the glorius soundtracks of Zelda and Xenoblade."
    - Diego de Angelis, EveryEye.it
  • "It collects mechanics from various 16-bit era games, but without their limitations."
    - Svilupparty's Staff, Svilupparty.it
  • "Every game's resources was created from scratch!"
    - Marco Tassani, Svilupparty Awards

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